Having sold at over 250 tradeshows, we’ve worked in more than 30 industries.

No matter your industry, we can manage your tradeshow sales and lead genereation efforts.

Technology & SaaS.

Technology and SaaS sales requires a certain expertise to be effective. That’s why our sales executives complete a thorough onboarding of your product line. 

  • B2B technology and SaaS products, including marketing, CRMs, and database management.

  • B2C and D2C products and services, including fintech, mobile apps, and social media.

  • Utility and home electronic products.

  • Supplemental and integrated technology platforms.


Professional Services.

From architects to business consultants, we can generate leads for your professional services firm that are both qualified and thorough.

  • Professional B2B services, including consulting, banking, financing, accounting, and legal.

  • Expert B2C industries, such as real estate, furniture restoration, and tax preparation.

  • Strategic partnerships with supplemental services.

  • Email list building and CRM management.

Retail & B2B Products.

Some products can be sold right at the show. We can make onsite sales or generate leads for long-term partnerships in the retail and B2B spaces.

  • At-show, direct-to-consumer sales for certain products.

  • Lead magnet generation for long-term customer relationship building.

  • B2B lead generation for wholesale partnerships.

  • Industry brand recognition campaigns

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